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Letter to the Editor
Wednesday, December 8, 2010 • Posted December 7, 2010

Dear Editor,

Well, I have learned something from Dr. Leggett after all. I did not know that “De-Affirmed” was a word. However, “de-affirming” is exactly what he has been doing. If he were educating us on faith, he would have talked about our journey with Father being a lifelong walk. That there will be days we are so close to Father that we can actually feel his presence. There will be days that we are so lonely that we think Father does not remember we are alive. There will be joy and sadness and anger and exaltation. This journey will take us two steps forward and one step back... then there will be those days when it takes us two steps backward and one step forward. However, throughout our life this journey will continue and we need to know a church. He could have then explained the differences of the churches. After all, part of his job description is as Whoopi Goldberg said in Sister Act, “ need to put butts in the seats.” He did not do this or anything similar. He “de-affirmed” people’s journey with Father. He called a mainstream Christian religion a cult. I do not believe name calling is part of educating... it is part of “de-affirming.”

He seems to have a problem with the Jehovah’s Witness members believing in Grace through works. First of all, I will not take him at his word, as his word has been so inaccurate in the past. Whether this inaccuracy is by accident or design, I know not. Anyway, if the Church does believe in Grace through works, so what. I thought the Book of Timothy in the New Testament talked about Grace through Works and the Catholic Church believes in Grace through works. As a Methodist, I know I received freely the gift of Grace when I received Jesus Christ as my savior. However, now that I have that Grace I am expected to do works and witness. Sometimes it gets jumbled in my head ...sort of like asking which came first, the egg or the chicken.

Now let us look at Jehovah’s Witness members. What a great name... a witness for Jehovah. That is what the apostles were told to do after Christ’s Ascension... go throughout the world and witness. If you want to talk about witnessing, you have to talk about Paul. He witnessed all over the place. Paul witnessed before, during, and after work; during meals; on the street corners; in assembly halls – homes and Tabernacles. He witnessed to the believers and non-believers, in jail, and I’ll bet there were even a couple of times he witnessed in his sleep. Maybe Paul was the first Jehovah’s Witness. Additionally, in all of Paul’s letters he talked about acting like Christians. Today we would say walk-the-walk, don’t just talk-the-talk. Paul continually reminded people that just because they thought they were better; because they had more education, more money, a better home, or a better church, that is not what God thought. Paul told the Christian communities to buck up and start walking-the-walk.

Cynthia Urban

Blanco, TX

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