Plink! There, I heard it again, then again; the distinct plink of a metal golf club hitting a ball. What made it remarkable was the timing. It was an hour after dark on Saturday night. I sat by a campfire at Robinson Park by the glass-smooth surface of the Llano River with Boy Scout Troop 301 of Llano.
Looking in the right direction we could see the eerie green glow of golf balls in flight, because the city park is adjacent to the city golf course.
It's really not a secret that tent camping is allowed at Robinson Park, as well as the RV camping readily visible from Highway 151.
Nine Llano Scouts and 5 adult leaders took advantage of this availability, making reservations and getting the permit well in advance.
We spent the day hiking and geocaching at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. Hiking to the summit of the Rock we met several other Scout troops. A group of amputees also had accepted the challenge of hiking and climbing the Rock, and a club for dog owners who hike with their canine partners.
Temperatures dropped below freezing on both nights of tent camping, making the Scouts eligible for the Polar Bear Patch, common in the Northern climes but sometimes difficult to earn in Texas. Two boys earned a Totin' Chip card, to certify their training in knife and axe safety.
Troop 301 Scouts on the trip: Jacob Dotson, Jason Hinton, James Edmonson, Jimmie Mayes, Hank Perry, Levi Chambliss, Sterling Foley, Kenneth Perry, and Quint Pincelli.
Troop 301 thanks the adult leaders who made this outing possible and the City of Llano for maintaining a great park!

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