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Marriage and Family
Part 1
Wednesday, July 16, 2008 • Posted July 15, 2008

The family is the bedrock of society. A nation is only as stable as the families that make it up. When the family is out of order, then the community will be out of order: then local government; state government; federal government- will all be out of order. Dysfunctional families will eventually lead to a dysfunctional country. I think we’re seeing that happen.

Our society as a whole has either forgotten - or forsaken - the God given roles of husbands & fathers; wives & mothers; and sons & daughters. More and more you see men acting like women; women wanting to be men; children acting like their in charge; and parents wanting to relive the “good old days”, and never grow up. Over 40 years ago we started sowing the wind, and now we’re reaping the whirlwind - big time. We have gotten ourselves into quite a pickle; and it’s going to take a miracle from God, and a remnant of His people to stand up for the truth of Holy Scripture concerning the roles of men, women, and children, to get us out. Let’s look into God’s Word and learn the truth. We’ll start with the wives this week.

Read Ephesians 5:22-33 carefully. Two Biblical requirements concerning wives are made clear: 1. Wives are to submit (Gk- be subject to, subordinate) to their husbands 2. Wives are to reverence (Gk- respect, honor) their husbands. This has nothing to do with superiority or gender: it has to do with order. We see clearly in nature, that anything with two heads is a monstrosity; and anything with no head is dead. God ordained the husband to be the head, not the wife. However, wise husbands are open to their wife’s opinion. After all, you’re on the same team! God formed Eve from Adam’s side, so she could come along side him; and be his partner in this life. She was not made from his foot, to be walked on by him. Nor from his head, to rule over him. Come by his side, recognize his place, and show him respect. Be proactive!

Submission is fitting in The Lord (Col 3:18). It should be unconditional, as long as The Word of God is not violated. For instance, if your husband forbids you to pray, then that violates Scripture (see Dan chp. 6)- and God’s rules outweigh his rules. 1Pt 3:1-6 says that a Godly woman, of a gentle and quiet spirit, can win her husband over to The Lord without having to say a word. A discreet, pure, gentle woman is of great price to The Lord - and to her husband (Titus 2:3-5, Prov 31:10-12). A truly beautiful woman is beautiful on the inside. If your pretty, but have no tact or discretion: your like a gold ring in a pig’s snout (Prov 11:22). Beauty is vain; but a woman that fears The Lord shall be praised (Prov 31:30). A gracious woman retains honor, and builds her house (Prov 11:16, 14:1).

On the other hand, a foolish woman is loud and boisterous (Prov 9:13). She brings shame and grief to her husband (Prov 21:19, 25:24, 27:15-16), and God’s Word is cursed and mocked because of her (Titus 2:5). Men, if you have a Godly wife: you need to praise her (Prov 31:28)! Her price is far above rubies! Thank God for her! Do not take her for granted!

Read 1Cor 7:1-5 very carefully. Women, your body is your husbands; and vice versa. Never use sex to control or manipulate. It cheapens something that is supposed to be very precious and only enjoyed in the confines of marriage. The only Biblical reasons to abstain are: 1. The monthly cycle (Lev 18:19) 2. A period of time after having a baby (Lev 12) 3. Both agree, for a short time, to fast and pray. This does not give men the right to force themselves on their wives; but neither does it give women the right to always have a headache.

Sisters in Christ, do it God’s way! If you don’t like what you’ve been reaping: then change what your planting. If you want your life to blessed by God; if you want your husband to be a respectable leader of your home; If you want your husband and children to rise up and call you blessed: You hold the key in your hand to see that happen. You have the power to make your home a sanctuary; a place of blessing, security, and love. But if you want God’s benefits, you have to do things God’s way. I encourage you to take these practical steps- take the initiative - and see what God does in your family. I’m out of space, so until next time, rejoice in The Lord! Next week: Part 2 - Husbands & Fathers.

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