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Words to Weiss
Wednesday, August 27, 2008 • Posted August 26, 2008

Dear Weiss,

I have to tell you, the only reason I am writing in is because of the boldness of last week’s letter. Something in our town of Blanco has been bothering me too. I know a lot of people are frustrated about this situation, yet nothing has been done and no explanations have been given. So here is my dilemma...

The Blanco Youth Football program will not be hosting any Home football games this season. For some reason I am not quite sure of, Blanco youth are not allowed to use the High School Football field, which they have in years past. Our practice fields are not suitable for hosting games because there are no bathrooms, stands for seating, lights, concession stand, etc..It is just that; a practice field. Our entire division had to rework the schedule because of Blanco’s field restrictions. How can this happen? Is this fair?

As a parent, I would like to invite family and friends to watch my son play youth football, enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and be proud to share Blanco with others. As a long time resident of Blanco, I personally feel cheated, and left out by my own people.

Sincerely, Dad

Dear Dad,

Although I do not have an answer to why the Blanco Youth football program is not allowed to play on the “town” football field, I will say I am very disappointed in elected officials of Blanco. After last week’s letter about the puppy “Phoenix” and now your letter concerning the use of city property; I once again have a question of my own...

“Who is running this city?”

I don’t know who made that decision and I don’t know who o.k’d that decision but it is worth finding out. You are a tax-paying citizen, which gives you and your children the right to play on the High School football field. Another question...

When this decision was made, no one questioned it? No one fought for the rights of our young Blanco residents?

We teach our children to be respectful and follow the rules. We teach our children integrity. Which means; doing the right thing even when no one is watching. Thank you “Dad” for watching and reporting. An important job we have as parents is being a voice for our children when they don’t have one. I am appauled that the city mayor, city council, BISD superintendent, or the school board did not put a stop to this. It is obviously too late for the boys to fairly play in thier hometown, but something should be done so this does not happen next year.

Not only do the children miss out on playing home games, but the entire city of Blanco misses out. Hosting home games gives Blanco an opportunity to show other towns how great we are. It brings money to local businesses, and restaurants. So, “Dad” not only have you been cheated, but the entire city of Blanco has been cheated out of countless opportunites for economic advancement.

Regardless of age, children of Blanco have rights. They are not to be treated as second class citizens. Blanco parents, do right by your children and speak up!

~W. Weiss

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