Church Appraisal Opposed

Dear Editor,
It's hard to believe that Llano Central Appraisal District began to appraise Llano Gospel Church property / sanctuary in 2002.
In 2014 they increased the appraised value of the church by more than 300% above the 2010 value, and more than 500% above the 2008 value. Today Llano Gospel Church, which had never been appraised / taxed from 1958 – 2001, owes more than $4,500 in property taxes.
It's also hard to believe that in 2015 the appraisal district removed the homestead exemption of Oma "Polly" Morgan. Polly is a trustee of Llano Gospel Church. Her deceased parents lived in the house since the 1960's. The house is her personal residence where she has resided since the year 2000. Polly is a 76 year-old widow who played piano for the church for 37 years. Beginning in 2015 she will be forced to pay a business rate on her home.
We contend that Llano Central Appraisal District, which is no stranger to protests and lawsuits, should never appraise a church sanctuary or remove the homestead exemption of a 76 year-old church trustee.
Randy and Tracy Morgan
Llano, TX

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