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Blanco County Public Records
Public Records
Blanco County, Texas
Wednesday, September 10, 2008 • Posted September 9, 2008 10:00 PM

Public records information is compiled by Charles Willgren from reports filed at the Blanco Police Department, Blanco County Sheriff’s Office, Blanco Volunteer Fire Department, Blanco County Clerk, District Clerk, and Justices of the Peace offices.

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Criminal Cases

Convictions will not appear this week.

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, Criminal Cases

• Debra Moore, of Johnson City, was fined $250.00 for disorderly conduct on Aug 3 (JCPD).

• Brian Lee Wright, of Mesquite, was fined $177.75 for possession of drug paraphernalia on Jul 27 (DPS).

• Richard Aubrey Delavan IV, of Blanco, was fined $148.00 for driving while unsecured by a safety belt on Jul 11 (DPS).

• Taung Luke, of Blanco, was fined $327.00 for no liability insurance on Jun 26 (DPS).

• Michael Van Bobbitt, of Burnet, was fined $184.00 for speeding on Apr 11, 2007 (DPS).

• Kirk Wesley Jones, of Irving, was fined $166.00 for speeding on Jul 6 (DPS).

• Lynne Loeffler, of Blanco, was fined $154.00 for speeding on Jun 14 (DPS).

• Yvonne M. Taber, of Spring Branch, was fined $163.90 for expired vehicle registration on Jan 12, 2005 (DPS).

• Yvonne M. Taber, of Spring Branch, was fined $435.60 for no liability insurance on Jan 12, 2005 (DPS).

Blanco Police Reports

These reports were filed between Aug 21 and Aug 27.

Aug 21

• Disturbance. 8:13 PM. A complainant requested an officer to get a subject to leave the residence. The officer reported that the subject left the property. The complainant called back later to say that the subject had come back. The officer responded again to get the subject to leave.

Aug 22

• Attempted Burglary. 8:11 AM. A report was filed on a burglary of an automobile.

• Vandalism. 4:31 PM. A caller reported fence damage on Mesquite St.

• Burglary. 6:52 PM. Theft report taken on 2nd St.

• Arrest on View. 9:31 PM. One subject was arrested.

Aug 23

• Suspicious Person. 3:13 AM. Someone was knocking on the caller’s door. An officer patrolled the area.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 1:51 PM. A wrecker was requested on 10th Street to pick up a vehicle.

• Medical Emergency. 2:53 PM. A subject fell out of a vehicle but did not appear to be hurt.

• Suspicious Person. 4:17 PM. A subject, whom law enforcement has been looking for, was reportedly in a business. Comal County was notified and picked up the subject.

Aug 24

• Criminal Mischief. 1:32 AM. (with Blanco Co. SO)

• Noise Complaint. 3:51 AM. Loud music was reported.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 8:32 PM. A caller reported a suspicious vehicle near the house. An officer reported that the vehicle was there because the neighbor was cutting grass.

Aug 25

• Reckless Driver. 10:08 AM. US 281, into Blanco.

Aug 26

• Welfare Check. 1:27 PM. Officers were asked to check on a possibly suicidal subject.

Aug 27

• Harassment. 9:08 PM. A caller requested to speak with an officer about an individual harassing someone.

Johnson City Police Reports

These reports were filed between Aug 21 and Aug 27.

Aug 21

• Theft. 10:00 AM. Theft reported at 4R Bar.

• Reckless Driver. 10:01 PM. A truck was seen driving recklessly through the trailer park on Scofield.

Aug 22

• Suspicious Circumstances. 3:49 AM. A 911 operator received a call asking for someone to quickly come to the Pedernales River bridge. When the operator called back, another subject answered. Officers reported that there was no one at the bridge, but that everything was OK as the subjects had been picked up before the officers arrived (with Blanco Co. SO).

• Reckless Driver. 10:14 AM. An 18-wheeler pulling a cattle wagon ran a red light in Marble Falls and was weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed, Burnet County reported. A Blanco County officer observed the truck and it was driving OK (with Blanco Co. SO).

Aug 24

• Damaged Property. 8:58 AM. An officer was requested regarding a damaged room at Hill Country Inn.

• Minor Traffic Accident. 8:06 PM. N. Ave. C.

Aug 25

• Alarm. 6:36 PM. Accidental triggering (with Blanco Co. SO).

• Alarm. 8:33 PM. Accidental triggering.

Aug 26

• Animal Complaint. 11:29 AM. An unknown dog, without any identification, was on the caller’s front porch on Ave. F. The dog was taken home.

Aug 27

• Burglary of Habitat. 6:24 AM. A complainant reported that someone had broken into their home in the early morning.

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Reports

These reports were filed between Aug 21 and Aug 27.

Aug 21

• Noise Complaint. 12:39 AM. A truck with loud music was reported.

• 911 Hangup. 1:08 PM.

• Suspicious Activity. 4:24 PM. The call was a civil matter.

• Agency Assist / Fire. 5:33 PM. A complainant reported a house on fire on Fall Creek Rd. An officer reported that the fire was not in a house and that the rain put it out.

Aug 22

• 911 Call Transferred. 2:26 AM. An EMS request was transferred to Hays County.

• Animal Complaint. 10:45 AM. Unfed cows were reported on CR 102. An officer could not locate the cows.

• Prisoner Transfer. 11:30 AM. An inmate was picked up in Kerr County on a warrant.

• Traffic Accident. 11:46 AM. A vehicle was pulling a U-Haul trailer on RR 32 when the trailer came unhitched and smashed into the vehicle. There was not any fuel tank damage. A wrecker was requested.

• Reckless Driver. 1:32 PM. A truck hauling equipment was driving at a high rate of speed and passing into oncoming traffic on US 290 into Johnson City. Officers reported that the truck was parked until a safer hauling truck could arrive.

• Prisoner Transfer. 2:52 PM. One inmate was taken to Comal County.

• Loose Livestock. 3:34 PM. A calf was loose on RR 473 East.

• Alarm (Residential). 4:27 PM.

• Motorist Assist. 7:01 PM. A U-Haul truck had broken down on US 290 East and an officer was requested to check on it.

• Reckless Driver. 7:56 PM. Burnet County notified Blanco County that a truck on US 281 was driving all over the roadway and would not stop for the constable, who was in pursuit. The truck was stopped at Hoffbrau RV Park.

Aug 23

• Suspicious Circumstances. 12:12 AM. A caller reported suspicious circumstances on Cox Rd. The caller investigated and stated that the neighbor’s kids were playing in the river, and to cancel the call.

• Noise Complaint. 12:18 AM.

• Road Hazard. 12:19 PM. Woods blocks were on US 290 East.

• Vandalism. 1:29 PM. Kids were reportedly messing up flower beds in City Park. An officer resolved the situation.

• Abandoned (Stolen Property). 4:25 PM. A caller reported abandoned property on a property off Flat Creek Rd.

Aug 24

• Motorcycle Accident. 11:29 AM. A motorcycle had a wreck on RR 1623. An officer was unable to locate the accident.

• Motorist Assist. 3:05 PM. A motorist on US 290, at Middle Creek, requested help changing a tire.

Aug 25

• Vandalism / Theft. 8:14 AM. Equipment on US 290 at the Flat Creek bridge.

• Burglar Alarm. 9:16 AM. False alarm.

• Loose Livestock. 11:25 AM. A caller reported a wounded cow in the middle of Chimney Valley Rd. It appeared as if the cow had fell from a trailer. The owner requested that the cow be put down. An officer handled the situation.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 12:44 PM. Officers patrolled the area.

• Alarm (Audible). 12:49 PM. Officers responded to an alarm at a residence. They reported that everything was OK; a package was on the porch.

• Animal Complaint. 2:26 PM. A U-Haul truck on US 281, passing the Y, was pulling a vehicle with a dog inside. The dog reportedly looked distressed.

• Juvenile Information. 6:59 PM. A caller reported a runaway; the subject was of age, however.

• Information. 8:32 PM. A caller heard gun shots near RR 1623.

Aug 26

• Loose Livestock. 4:09 AM. A few cows and a donkey were loose off RR 32.

• Controlled Burn. 5:26 AM. A caller reported a large fire on RR 165 at the divide. An officer advised that it was two large, controlled burns.

• Panic Alarm. 7:54 AM. False alarm.

• Animal Complaint. 10:45 AM. Dogs on Ave. F.

• Prisoner. 11:05 AM. Two inmates were taken to the doctor.

• Close Patrol. 2:45 PM. A caller requested a close patrol from the Sheriff’s Office.

• 911 Hangup. 3:29 PM. Phone problem.

• 911 Hangup. 4:48 PM. Phone problem.

• 911 Hangup. 5:17 PM. Phone problem.

• Criminal Mischief. 6:32 PM. The caller’s fence had been cut. An offense report was taken.

• Suspicious Activity. 9:55 PM. A caller reportedly heard gun shots. Later, the caller reported that it was the neighbor. Even later, the caller canceled the call.

• Disturbance. 10:25 PM. A caller reported a disturbance over child custody.

Aug 27

• Alarm. 10:37 AM. 911 received an alarm call for a home in Rockin’ J Ranch. An officer investigated and found a window broken by a golf ball.

• Theft Report. 2:27 PM. A report was filed after an apparent break-in.

• Traffic Hazard. 5:10 PM. A caller reported a truck with a trailer causing traffic problems on US 281. The officer observed that the truck was safely off the highway.

• Animal Complaint. 7:42 PM. A complainant wanted to report a neighbor’s dog on the property.

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between Aug 21 and Aug 27.

Aug 22

• Traffic Accident. 6:29 AM. A caller stated that a large RV crossed the center line near the construction area on US 290 West and damaged the caller’s antenna and mirror (with Blanco Co. SO).

Aug 23

• Traffic Accident (Motorcycle). 4:58 PM. A caller stated that a motorcycle was down on Cox Rd. and the driver was in the street. EMS was requested (with Blanco Co. SO).

• Agency Assist / Traffic Accident (Pedestrian). 9:39 PM. A caller advised that someone got hit by a car on US 281 at Yett Park. Justice of the Peace (Precinct 4) and Crofts Funeral Home were notified. Blanco County Sheriff’s Office and Blanco PD assisted with the call.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Reports

These reports were filed between Aug 21 and Aug 27.

Constable, Precinct 1, Reports

These reports were filed between Aug 21 and Aug 27.

Constable, Precinct 4, Reports

These reports were filed between Aug 21 and Aug 27.

Game Warden

These reports were filed between Aug 21 and Aug 27.

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