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Wednesday, September 10, 2008 • Posted September 9, 2008

John McCain’s Plan for Strengthening America’s Schools

Democrats want to spend $18 billion dollars for a plan to encourage, but not mandate, universal pre-kindergarten. What will that do to all of the small businesses today that provide pre-kindergarten? Why is it needed? Even in a town the size of Blanco, children who might not succeed are provided a free pre-kindergarten program. Obama wants to tie teacher pay raises to test scores and give a tax credit for college in return for community service. Sounds good, but if you are a teacher, do you want your raise decided by the TAKS test? The Democrats intend to finance the plan by ending corporate tax deductions for CEO pay and delaying NASA’s moon and Mars missions. Did you ever know anyone who had a good paying job working for a poor man? By removing corporate tax deductions, there is less money to pay employees. By delaying NASA’s planned missions, employees will be laid off or certainly no new ones hired. Strong corporations and small businesses hire workers, provide jobs, and keep workers employed. Look at the jobs and technology we have today because of the many NASA projects of the past.

The McClain Plan for Education begins with parental choice. Imagine that your child attends a school rated “Unacceptable,” and just down the road there are schools rated “Exemplary.” McCain wants parents to be able to choose where their child attends school. Perhaps you want a private school. McCain wants parents to receive vouchers that would apply to private school tuition because you pay school taxes and should not have to send your children to schools with poor teachers who produce poor learners. Additionally, McCain wants to reform education so that no schools are “unacceptable” by empowering teachers to teach and be freed from government bureaucracy. McCain wants to empower teachers by investing in higher pay for teachers, by providing alternative certification routes for highly motivated individuals, and by providing bonuses for teachers who relocate to underperforming schools. He will empower principals with greater control over spending at the local level and properly fund any federally mandated plan, such as No Child Left Behind. The single criterion for principals will be raise student achievement.

At the post secondary level, McCain favors more virtual learning and $250 million for competitive grants for states that commit to expanding online education. He will offer $250 million for Digital Passport Scholarships to help students pay for online tutors or enroll in Virtual Schools.

McCain wants to improve schools by empowering parents with choice, schools with competition, and teachers and principals with better pay and more authority over their schools. If you want to make the decisions about your child’s education, vote Republican. If you want the government to make decisions about your child’s education, vote Democrat. It’s that simple.

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