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Letters to the Editor
Wednesday, October 8, 2008 • Posted October 7, 2008

Dear Editor,

I have read the Presidential Candidates’ views on several issues presented in your weekly paper. There is a major Constitutional issue that is being ignored. Every voter should read, analyze and understand the Constitution, Section 7: “All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.” Walter Williams in his September 21, 2008, column explains that presidents don’t cut or raise taxes because “presidents have no power to raise or lower taxes. They can propose tax measures or veto them but it is Congress that has the ultimate power to raise or lower taxes since they can, with a two-thirds vote, override a presidential veto. The same principle applies to spending. Presidents cannot be held responsible for budget deficits or surpluses. A president cannot spend a dime that Congress does not first appropriate.” For Williams’ column, go to It’s well worth reading. He also mentions the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, implemented by a Democrat Congress during the Carter Administration, that really sowed the seed for our current financial situation. Our current Congress elected in 2006 is controlled by the Democrats: of 100 Senators, Democrats (2 independents caucus with Dems) total 51 to 49 Republicans. The House is controlled by the Democrats 235 to 199 Republicans. It’s Congress we need to be changing!

Gail F. Deats

Blanco Tx

Letter to the Editor:

I was wondering why seventy million people tuned in to the VP debate.There never has been such a turn out for a staged political argument.

It hit me this morning that we wanted to see Sarah Palin and to know if she is real. She seems so enthusiastic, cheerful, real - so alive. The rest of us want to know if there is still life out there in these scary times.

If Sarah is alive and stands for life, what about Biden and the others?

As a matter of fact the others are being labeled the party of death. Why is that? I suspect it is because they use the four culture-of-death practices. These are lying, stealing, murdering and destroying.

Joe Biden lied at least twenty two times in the debate. The debate transcript shows Biden got the facts wrong over and over and always to his advantage. He even got the job of Vice President wrong as set out in the Constitution although that is more ignorance than lie.

Lying regularly and skillfully leads to a point where the liar does not know which of his stories is the truth. President Bill Clinton has the distinction of being one of the greatest American liars in history. He was caught lying under oath and lost his right to lawyer before the Supreme Court. Biden is known as a rambling speaker who doesn’t stay near the truth. Obama is young and inexperienced yet but he tiptoes aground the truth too.

Stealing is big in D.C. as tax money gets plundered in ear marks and bribes. Look at Democrat Rep. Barney Frank who heads the law making committee that propped up Freddie and Fannie over the past ten years while they stole us blind. But how much did he and Frank carry off for themselves? Also Obama is super big in the earmarks like Hillary. Obama got more political donations from Fannie and Freddie than all but one person in D.C.

Murder is simply killing another person for your own convenience. Abortion is murder. The party of death pushes for abortion and the personal convenience of what they label “choice.” Choice is choosing to have sex or not. It is not choosing to kill another living person.

Destroy is what the party of death is doing to our economy and the fabric of American life. They want the Supreme Court to forget why it was established and the law that directs it. They want politicians on the Court who will follow European fashion so America will be liked by the parties of death that are destroying Europe. They whine that America is bad and they haven’t been treated right. They scream the administration is illegitimate and they have almost never been proud of their country. Tax and spend is one tool and pattern of destruction. They would make everything a government entity, do central planning and then give us the party of death’s five year plan.

This is all very depressing and sad. No wonder seventy million people tuned in to see if there is still life out there.

Sincerely for more life,

Dr. David Vause

Blanco, TX

Dear Editor,

The Blanco Concerned Citizens meeting went well this week with several new attendees and several new ideas to help our cause, to help our children and community clean up our town and county and to make this as safe and drug free environment as possible. An agenda was agreed upon to take before the city council and the main topic was says to get our kids the help and the projects they need to keep them safe and as free to the exposure of the drug problem we have in our county and school system as possible.

We can all agree that it starts with in our homes and parents, teachers and students getting involved and as soon as possible. Admitting we have a problem has been a start and now we need to work on the solutions.this takes everyone !!!

As always i would like to thank everyone that voluntered their time to show up and voice their concerns and to the speakers that lent us their time and ideas to help this community to start its road to recovery and once again become a safe place to raise our families. I would like to say a special thanks to Todd Hiser for keeping the ball rolling in my absence and remind everyone that the city council meeting will be held Tuesday oct 14th at 06:00 pm. Show your concern and support by attending.

Thank you, Gene Collins

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