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Letters to the Editor
Wednesday, October 15, 2008 • Posted October 14, 2008

Dear Editor,

For two thousand years or more, Iraq and it’s neighbors have been in wars and turmoil. All of it based on deep religious differences. It seems that we can never learn from history. President Bush hoped to become the saviour of the middle east, eliminate a dictator, father democracy, get rid of WMDs, wipe out terrorism, (which wasn’t there in the first place) and bring peace and prosperity to Iraq and it’s neighbors. Unfortunately he skipped history classes and didn’t know any better.

Whether we stay in Iraq or not will not make a whole lot of difference, time will gradually turn the government into one that is dominated by religious influence. It is their way. So why stay. The most we can hope for is some semblance of democracy and human rights. But make no mistake, a little America is not what will happen.

Our men and women in uniform can be enormously proud that they have given a nation of Iraquis hope for the future, and relief from a murderous tyrant. It is time for them to come home and be with their families and their own hopes for the future.

And to those thousands of men and women who gave their lives in Iraq, proving again that freedom, whether for us or for those in foreign lands, is never free.

Neil C Swann

Blanco, Tx

Dear Editor,

I was so impressed with our Blanco Orchestra at the Sesquicentennial Celebration. It seems a shame to have these ladies perform so seldom.

An idea occurred to me during the celebration which I’d like to toss out there for people’s consideration. We should have our Blanco Orchestra play about four times a year for a community sing-along. These ladies play music from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s that are so much a part of Americana. What better place than our beautiful 1907 Courthouse lawn for a picnic family outing?

Before you dismiss this idea as corny, let me assure you I’ve seen this very thing done to great enthusiasm just about 10 years ago. The little neighborhood park was filled with young families,children of all ages, college kids and senior citizens. The band passed out song sheetsof the old singables like “Bicycle Built For Two”, “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”, “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”. The crowd joined in, some reminded of their childhood, some just learning them. The children were especially delighted to be participating in a fun activity with their parents and neighbors.

This could be a good addition to the Blanco Market Days. I believe Blanco could fill a void in our modern culture by providing a fun, clean, inexpensive way for us to share pleasant hours with our families ( and who knows? maybe create some memories that will last a lifetime). I believe people want to get to know their neighbors in a casual, friendly atmosphere. I believe music speaks to us all, and a chance to sing simple, cute songs that were handed down to us by our grandparents satisfies an innate desire for a permanence in our lives.

I hope the citizens of Blanco like this idea and hope we give it a chance.

Barbara Hinze

Kendalia, TX

Dear Editor,

The new TexasSure insurance verification program helps protect motorists from uninsured drivers. However, it may be a while before we can rely solely on electronic insurance data.

While the system does help address the issue of fraudulent ID cards, there are still some drawbacks. For example, if you’re driving a car insured under a business policy, instead of a Personal Auto Policy, evidence of insurance won’t show up in the database. Or, if you just bought a car and haven’t immediately reported the purchase to your agent, you may have liability insurance but it won’t show up in the system.

Of course, mistakes like mismatched VINs and other information should be anticipated whether you have proper insurance or not. To protect yourself, keep paper proof of insurance in your vehicle. Doing so not only provides a good back-up to the system, but is still required by law. Also, take a minute to confirm information with your insurance agent to avoid fees or other legal trouble down the road.

David VanDelinder

Executive Director, Independent Insurance Agents of Texas (IIAT)

Austin, Texas

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