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Blanco County Public Records
Public Records
Wednesday, December 12, 2007 • Posted December 11, 2007 10:00 PM

Public records information is compiled by Charles Willgren from reports filed at the Blanco Police Department, Blanco County Sheriff’s Office, Blanco Volunteer Fire Department, Blanco County Clerk, District Clerk, and Justices of the Peace offices.

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1, Criminal Cases

Convictions will not appear this week.

Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4, Criminal Cases

These reports were filed between November 29 to December 11, 2007.

• Lemuel Dean Mitchell, of Leakey, was fined $162.00 for Speeding on Nov 9 (DPS).

• Allen Keith Keller, of Gatesville, was fined $144.00 for Expired CMV Inspection (truck) and $144.00 for Expired CMV Inspection (trailer) on Nov 13 (CVE).

• Richard Stone, of Blanco, was fined $263.00 for public intoxication on Nov 6 (SO).

• Patresa Gilbert, of De Leon, was fined $174.00 for speeding on Oct 28 (DPS).

• Albert N. Turner, Jr., of Blanco, was fined $144.00 for driving while not secured by seatbelt on Nov 21 (DPS).

• Richard A. Fitzpatrick, of Bedford, was fined $162.00 for speeding on Sep 14 (DPS).

• Luis E. Castillo, Jr., of Austin, was fined $228.00 for speeding on Nov 23, 2006 (DPS).

Blanco Police Reports

These reports were filed between Nov 22 and Dec 3.

Nov 22

• Citizen Assist. 11:57 AM. Subject gave an older couple a ride to the courthouse and stated that they looked homeless... and cold.

• Traffic Hazard. 7:22 PM. Caller reported a large wooden bookcase in the middle of US 281, past Blanco General Exxon.

Nov 23

• Alarm. 3:41 AM. Blanco Valley.

• Unknown. 8:00 AM. Blue bikes found on Loop 165.

• Theft. 10:06 AM. Returned checks reported at Super S.

• Reckless Driver. 11:50 AM. US 281.

• Traffic Accident. 12:29 PM. Minor two-vehicle accident in the Super S parking lot.

• Disturbance. 3:16 PM. Dispatcher heard yelling in the background of a 911 call. Caller said everything was OK but an officer was dispatched.

Nov 24

• Traffic Hazard. 6:13 PM. Piece of cardboard reported on RR 165.

• Noise Complaint. 8:54 PM. Caller on Oakridge reportedly heard a loud noise and couldn’t find the source. Officer was unable to locate the cause of the noise.

Nov 25

• Noise Complaint. 4:31 PM. Loud music on Hackberry.

Nov 26

• Reckless Drivers. 12:25 PM. Two vehicles were driving recklessly on US 281 and stopped at Subway.

• Suspicious Person. 4:13 PM. Caller reported a person wandering in and out of a neighbor’s garage.

• Suspicious Person. 4:31 PM. A person was suspiciously working around a house. The person lived at the residence.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 4:51 PM. Bowling Alley.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 6:00 PM. Caller reported a subject having a verbal disturbance.

• Minor Traffic Accident. 8:30 PM. A car hit the caller’s car in the Super S parking lot. Person reportedly refused to give information.

• Disturbance. 11:11 PM. Subject will not leave caller’s house.

Nov 27

• Traffic Accident. 6:06 PM. Two-vehicle accident on Main St.

• Alarm. 10:07 PM. Blanco Valley.

Nov 28

• Noise Complaint. 11:09 PM. Loud music on 5th St.

• Alarm. 11:20 PM. Pit Stop.

Nov 29

• Animal Complaint. 9:35 AM. Blanco Elementary reported a ‘dingo-looking’ dog on 11th Street, which did not look nice.

Nov 30

• Livestock Complaint. 2:11 PM. Horse reported out.

• Civil. 3:41 PM.

Dec 1

• Alarm. 12:05 AM. Subway.

• Suspicious Person. 3:03 PM. Caller reported a subject in a pickup on a low water crossing.

Dec 2

• Standby / Civil Matter. 9:43 AM. Caller needed to pick up property.

• Animal Complaint. 6:04 PM. Caller found two stray dogs at Shamrock. The owner picked up the dogs.

• Welfare Concern. 7:03 PM. 2nd St.

• Alarm. 11:47 PM. Super S.

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Reports

These reports were filed between Nov 22 and Dec 3.

Nov 22

• Alarm. 7:39 AM. Residential.

Nov 23

• Loose Livestock. 8:09 AM. Small llama reported running loose on RR 165. The animal was a goat.

• Reckless Driver. 10:10 AM. RR 1623.

Nov 24

• Criminal Mischief. 4:11 PM. Gunshot holes reported in caller’s building.

• 911 Hangup. 5:44 PM.

• Traffic Stop. 6:56 PM. Possible intoxicated driver at the Y.

• Motorist Assist. 8:00 PM. Vehicle was stuck in mud off 962 East.

Nov 25

• Traffic Accident. 10:42 AM. Two vehicles reported in ditch off US 281 and US 290 East.

• Theft. 11:30 AM. Cell phone stolen and the caller needed a case number for the cell phone provider.

• Loose Livestock. 11:40 AM. Loose bull reported on the side of RR 165.

• Uncontrolled Burn. 1:31 PM.

• Theft. 2:03 PM. Subject reportedly purchased dogs with a bad check.

• Uncontrolled Burn / Burn Ban. 4:40 PM.

• Disturbance. 6:25 PM. Officer requested to calm down a subject. Two subjects arrested at the verbal disturbance.

• Traffic Accident. 7:30 PM. Caller reported the sound of several cars hitting something in the road. A rock was in the middle of the road and caused a couple of blowouts. One subject was arrested (with Texas DPS).

Nov 26

• Unattended Death. 3:40 AM.

• Prisoner Transfer. 11:03 AM. One subject taken to Bexar County on a warrant.

• Close Patrol. 6:13 PM.

• Identity Theft. 7:00 PM.

Nov 27

• Prisoner Transport. 7:32 AM. Inmate taken to Kerrville for polygraph.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 11:28 AM. Caller reported a vehicle with Florida license plates on the back and Alaska plates on the front. Officer asked the driver to remove the Alaska plate.

• Theft. 12:21 PM. Caller reported material stolen from construction site.

• Theft. 1:57 PM.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 2:19 PM. A woman and child were reported on the side of the road.

Nov 28

• Loose Dog. 3:00 PM. A dog was reportedly chasing vehicles on US 281 at RR 1323.

• Identity Theft / Information. 4:00 PM.

• Information. 5:10 PM. A credit card company, possibly a fraud, keeps calling an individual.

• Suspicious Person. 6:58 PM. Caller almost hit a person, walking on the side of US 281, who was wearing black.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 8:07 PM. Caller suspects drug use at a house.

• Motorist Assist. 9:46 PM. Caller locked the keys inside the car at Ave. F and Main St.

Nov 29

• Motorist Assist. 1:55 AM. Trash truck on US 290 East was having mechanical problems, partially blocking the right lane. Officer reported that the truck was clear of the roadway.

• Civil Standby. 11:44 AM. Caller wanted to pick up belongings.

• Theft. 12:22 PM. Stop sign reported stolen at US 290 West.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 2:15 PM. Subject found a notebook in a parking lot that contained explicit information.

• Criminal Trespass Warning. 4:10 PM. RR 165.

• Assault. 4:11 PM. Caller wanted to file charges.

• Assault. 11:50 PM. An offense reported was filed on an assault at Buddy’s Tavern.

Nov 30

• Disturbance (Verbal). 3:43 AM.

• Theft. 10:20 AM. Caller reported theft of items from a building being repaired.

• Discharge Firearm. 12:04 PM. A neighbor was discharging a firearm too close to the caller’s house.

• 911 Hangup. 4:06 PM. Weather-related problem.

• Traffic Accident. 8:12 PM. One-vehicle rollover on RR 1623. Subject was taken to hospital by private vehicle (with Texas DPS).

• Noise Complaint. 9:44 PM. Loud music playing.

• Traffic Accident. 11:10 PM. One-vehicle rollover on US 290 East and US 281. Officer gave a courtesy ride to the driver. DPS and Johnson City PD assisted.

• Noise Complaint. 11:12 PM. Loud music playing.

Dec 1

• Traffic Hazard. 6:16 AM. A large box was in the middle of US 281.

• Welfare Check. 7:59 AM. Caller saw a juvenile walking close to the bar ditch on US 281 and appeared to be upset.

• Alarm. 8:10 AM.

• Traffic Accident. 10:22 AM. One vehicle ran into a fence at the intersection of RR 1320 and RR 1323 (with Texas DPS).

• Suspicious Circumstances. 10:32 AM. Subject was not answering the door and might’ve been in trouble. Officers responded and everything was OK.

• Missing Person. 11:21 AM. Subject reported missing, not seen at home or school for over a month.

• 911 Hangup. 1:07 PM. Child playing with the phone.

• Vandalism. 1:12 PM. Subjects on 962 East were reportedly tearing down a fence.

• Theft / Break-In. 2:33 PM. Report taken (with Blanco PD).

• Agency Assist. 6:52 PM. Officer requested assistance with van on US 290 West that held 10 to 12 subjects, possibly intoxicated.

• Suspicious Vehicles. 9:18 PM. Vehicles were parked on a bridge on private property and subjects were playing loud music (with Blanco PD).

• Reckless Driver. 11:58 PM. Possible intoxicated driver on US 281, south of Blanco.

Dec 2

• Suspicious Vehicle. 12:42 AM. Good Shepherd Church parking lot.

• Suspicious Activity. 6:30 AM. Caller reported about 12 mailboxes knocked down on RR 1323.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 8:55 AM. Caller heard a noise in the night and discovered damaged property in the morning.

• Vandalism. 9:06 AM. A house was reportedly broken into.

• Reckless Driver. 2:51 PM. Caller reported a Porsche traveling at a high rate of speed, weaving in and out of traffic. Subject was pulled over at Super S and issued a citation (with Johnson City PD).

• Traffic Accident. 7:39 PM. One-vehicle accident on RR 2766. DPS and Johnson City PD assisted.

• Welfare Concern. 8:24 PM. Caller requested a welfare check on a subject.

Dec 3

• Loose Livestock. 10:28 AM. A donkey was reportedly wandering around on US 290 West.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 12:46 PM. Two vehicles were parked on a bridge by a low water crossing on Cox Rd.

• Theft. 4:12 PM. Caller reported item stolen.

• Arrest on View. 5:35 PM. One subject arrested on warrant out of Bexar County.

• Inmate Transport. 6:24 PM. Inmate taken to Bexar County.

• Burglary of Habitation. 7:10 PM. Caller reported items stolen from residence.

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between Nov 22 and Dec 3.

Nov 22

• Arrest. 8:57 AM. One subject arrested on US 290 West.

• Arrest on View. 3:50 PM. One subject arrested on US 290 West.

• Traffic Accident. 6:09 PM. A motorcycle hit a pole on US 290 at US 281. EMS was requested (with Blanco Co. SO).

Nov 28

• Arrest. 9:12 PM. One subject arrested.

Nov 30

• Traffic Accident. 7:38 PM. One-vehicle rollover on 473 West. No injuries.

Dec 2

• Arrest. 10:00 AM. One subject arrested on a Bexar County warrant.

Dec 3

• Abandoned Vehicle. 1:07 PM. Rocky Rd.

• Traffic Accident. 4:26 PM. One-vehicle accident on US 290 West. A truck reportedly ran into a fence.

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