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Blanco County Public Records
Public Records
Blanco County, Texas
Wednesday, November 5, 2008 • Posted November 4, 2008 10:00 PM

Blanco Police Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 2 and Oct 8.

Oct 2

•Verbal Disturbance. 4:42 PM. A caller reported a disturbance on Cherry St. Officers arrested one subject, who was taken to Marble Falls PD. DPS and Blanco County Deputies assisted with the call.

Oct 3

• Medical Emergency. 3:45 PM. A complainant reported that a subject may have a medical emergency because she answered the phone, hung up, and then the line was busy.

• Possible Intoxicated Driver. 8:37 PM. US 281, heading into Blanco.

Oct 4

• Reckless Driver. 12:14 PM. US 281 at RR 32.

• Trespassing. 3:15 PM. A 4-wheeler was reported on the complainant’s vacant lot. An officer spoke with the owner.

• Citizen Assist. 11:00 PM. A caller at C.J’s requested a courtesy ride to Hill Country Inn.

Oct 5

• Accidental Injury. 1:44 AM. An officer was requested to standby at Texas Iron Horse Saloon.

• Loose Livestock. 8:39 AM. A black cow was on the east side of US 281, north of Blanco.

• 911 Hangup. 9:48 AM. A small child said uh oh and hung up when a dispatcher answered 911. The phone number went to voicemail on callback. An officer was unable to locate the caller.

• Verbal Disturbance. 10:20 AM. A subject at Super S was reportedly using profanity toward two children and toward another customer.

• Suspicious Person. 1:32 PM. A caller stated that his friend asked for a ride to Austin and then got out of the car on the side of Loop 163 and would not cooperate. The friend stated to the officer that he would go to Austin on his own.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 9:49 PM. A light was on in a vacant house.

Oct 6

• Disturbance. 11:43 AM. Officers responded to a disturbance at the Blanco ISD alternative education program. A juvenile was issued a citation and released to a relative.

• Civil Matter. 5:57 PM.

Oct 7

• Information. 9:11 AM. A Super S employee reported information to an officer.

• Information. 1:21 PM. An occupant of a hotel room would not leave and had not paid.

• Identity Theft Report. 4:22 PM.

• Welfare Check. 6:12 PM. A subject on Main St. was reportedly disoriented. An officer responded and reported that the subject did not want help.

Johnson City Police Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 2 and Oct 8.

Oct 2

• Verbal Disturbance in Progress. 8:53 PM. Officers separated parties involved in a verbal disturbance in the Dairy Queen parking lot.

Oct 3

• Suspicious Person. 3:09 PM. A subject was seen urinating in front of a building on N. Nugent.

Oct 4

• Alarm. 8:02 AM. Johnson City High School.

Oct 5

• Theft. 3:01 AM. A caller reported a theft at his residence.

• Noise. 3:10 AM. A caller reported loud music nearby.

Oct 6

• Criminal Complaint. 12:04 PM. A dog reportedly scratched up a car while attempting to get a cat. The caller wanted to make a complaint. The caller was informed to contact the insurance company immediately and was advised to begin civil court proceedings if the owner of the dog became known to the caller.

• Reckless Driver. 12:26 PM. A vehicle was reportedly speeding around a subdivision. An officer was requested to sit in the area to catch the vehicle.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 4:19 PM. An officer observed suspicious activities around a suspicious car near the Courthouse. Everything was OK.

Oct 7

• Suspicious Person. 9:25 PM. A person was harassing a guest at Best Western. One subject was arrested and transported to Marble Falls PD (with Blanco Co. SO).

Oct 8

• Suspicious Activity. 4:32 AM. A caller thought he heard someone walking on the roof of his house. An officer was unable to locate anything and stated that it might’ve been an animal.

• Reckless Driver. 7:51 AM. An 18-wheeler was reported driving all over the roadway on US 281.

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 2 and Oct 8.

Oct 2

• Open Door. 5:32 AM. The caller stated that a back door to the restaurant was open when she opened the store. An officer found no sign of activity.

• Animal Complaint. 9:24 AM. A donkey and two dogs were on 962 West, possibly from a neighboring ranch.

• Alarm. 9:58 AM. Residential.

• Attempted Burglary. 11:33 AM. A complainant discovered a subject attempting to break into a vehicle.

• Animal Complaint. 12:01 PM. A billy goat was tearing up the neighborhood.

• Civil. 1:07 PM. A subject broke into the complainant’s house.

• Followup. 3:26 PM.

• Theft. 3:43 PM. Hill Country Stop.

• Theft Report. 4:38 PM. A report was filed regarding the theft of parts of machinery.

• Loose Livestock. 5:26 PM. A horse was loose near US 281.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 8:28 PM. CR 212.

• Disturbance. 8:32 PM. A caller stated that an intoxicated subject kept knocking on the door. Officers separated the parties.

• Traffic Hazard / Traffic Accident. 9:49 PM. A bus hit a deer on RR 165 at Payton Colony Rd. No injuries occurred.

• Disturbance / Assault. 10:46 PM. A caller reported an assault. One subject was arrested and taken to Hill Country Memorial Hospital.

Oct 3

• Road Hazard / Utility Complaint. 7:41 AM. A utility pole on Flat Creek Rd. snapped and the telephone line was on the road.

• Suspicious Person. 12:47 PM. A subject was walking on the yellow line down the middle of RR 32.

• Loose Livestock. 1:00 PM. Goats were loose on the side of US 281, south of Blanco.

• Grass Fire / Agency Assist. 1:50 PM. A large grass fire was moving quickly near Sandy Rd. TxDOT rerouted busses away from RR 1323. Six deputies assisted with the call.

• Terroristic Threats / Citizen Assist. 6:30 PM. A caller reported subjects coming onto the property and making threats. An officer reported that the incident was a civil matter.

• Alarm. 8:51 PM. Residential.

• Close Patrol. 8:55 PM.

• Verbal Disturbance. 10:26 PM. Officers responded to a call about three intoxicated subjects who were making threats. The officers settled the situation at the scene (with Blanco PD).

Oct 4

• Criminal Mischief. 12:11 AM. An officer was requested to patrol an area.

• Stranded Motorist. 3:27 AM. A motorist stranded on RR 32 called for help. A Comal County Deputy transported the driver to Blanco General as deputies in Blanco County were unavailable.

• Criminal Mischief. 8:25 AM. A rock had been thrown through the conference room window of the Sheriff’s Department substation.

• Civil Standby. 10:05 AM.

• Prisoner Transfer. 10:30 AM. An inmate was picked up from Comal County Jail.

• Criminal Mischief. 2:31 PM. A caller reported vandalized Obama political signs.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 5:40 PM. Kids inside a pickup were throwing beer cans out the window while driving up US 281. Burnet County was notified.

• Citizen Assist. 6:44 PM. A caller requested assistance with his vehicle. An officer was unable to locate the caller.

• Arrest on View. 11:56 PM. One subject was arrested for public intoxication.

Oct 5

• Suspicious Circumstances. 2:13 AM. A subject was reportedly sitting on the side of US 281 at 473 West. The subject refused any aid from the officers.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 8:42 AM. A caller reported people in the attic. Several officers responded. One subject was arrested.

• Juvenile Complaint. 12:34 PM. Officers responded to a juvenile complaint call in Lake of the Hills involving a runaway.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 2:07 PM. A complainant stated that someone had broken into the house and garage and had stolen machinery.

• Followup. 3:03 PM. A subject who was arrested was now at a residence to pick up property.

• Loose Livestock. 5:27 PM. A black Angus cow was seen grazing on the side of US 281, just north of Blanco. The cow was put back into the fence.

• Trespassing / Traffic / Reckless Driving. 6:01 PM. A subject was driving a dirt bike in the low water crossing on Cox Rd. An officer issued two traffic citations.

• Motorist Assist. 6:51 PM. A caller reported an SUV on the side of US 281 that appeared to need some assistance.

Oct 6

• Reckless Driver. 9:02 AM. A truck was seen driving all over the road on US 281. Comal County was notified.

• Suspicious Activity. 1:21 PM. A complainant reported someone throwing things onto the roof and tapping on the outside walls during the night. The complainant was advised to call when it happens.

• Welfare Concern. 7:34 PM. A caller was concerned about a subject. The subject was found to be OK.

Oct 7

• Close Patrol. 5:30 PM. A subject requested a close patrol after a possible break-in attempt.

• Harassment. 5:34 PM. A subject asked to speak with an officer about her rights. An officer issued a criminal trespass warning.

• Welfare Check. 7:14 PM. A subject seen walking on the US 290 was given a courtesy ride to Gillespie County.

Oct 8

• Suspicious Activity. 1:47 PM. A subject called the complainant and stated he had her social security number and wanted to meet. The dispatcher referred the call to Galveston PD, where the person lives.

• Alarm. 4:09 PM.

• Welfare Concern. 6:19 PM. A subject was seen walking on the side of US 281. The subject was later spotted lying on the side of the road. An officer made contact with the subject, who refused help.

• Livestock Complaint. 7:15 PM. A goat was reportedly scratching vehicles.

• Stranded Motorist. 9:08 PM. An officer gave a ride to a motorist whose vehicle was disabled on US 281, south of RR 32.

• Suspicious Person. 10:20 PM. A caller asked to speak with an officer about a subject at a church in Twin Sisters.

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 2 and Oct 8.

Oct 3

• Traffic Control. 4:07 PM. A Trooper escorted three oversized trucks to the highway.

Oct 6

• Reckless Driver. 9:04 PM. A car was seen speeding and driving all over the roadway on US 281, into Johnson City (with Johnson City PD).

Oct 7

• Traffic Accident. 4:27 PM. A car hit a guard rail on US 281, 9 miles south of Blanco. An officer gave the driver a courtesy ride. A wrecker was requested. Blanco County Deputies and Blanco PD assisted.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 2 and Oct 8.

Constable, Precinct 1, Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 2 and Oct 8.

Constable, Precinct 4, Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 2 and Oct 8.

Game Warden

These reports were filed between Oct 2 and Oct 8.

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