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Blanco County Public Records
Public Records
Blanco County, Texas
Wednesday, November 12, 2008 • Posted November 11, 2008 10:00 PM

Blanco Police Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 8 and Oct 15.

Oct 10

•Disturbance. 12:36 AM. A subject at Riverside RV Park was reportedly being destructive. Officers responded to the disturbance, which was only verbal, and separated the parties (with Blanco Co. SO).

•Alarm. 9:37 AM. Vintage Cottage.

•Suspicious Circumstances. 12:35 PM. A subject threatened the caller.

•Suspicious Circumstances. 4:33 PM. A caller reported a civil matter over a post office box key.

•Harassment. 4:59 PM. A caller reported phone harassment from a Blanco resident.

•Disturbance. 8:11 PM. A subject was reportedly causing a disturbance. Officers separated both parties.

Oct 11

•Illegal Dumping. 4:57 PM. Shell Station.

•Alarm. 6:17 PM.

Oct 12

•Traffic Accident / Intoxicated Driver. 12:06 AM. 911 received a report that a truck drove through the fence at the Blanco EMS station, smashing the windshield and deploying airbags. The front end was hanging off and losing fluids, a witness stated. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle or the accident scene.

•Suspicious Circumstances. 12:35 PM. A caller heard noises upstairs in the Old Blanco County Courthouse when no one should've been in the building.

•Suspicious Circumstances. 3:52 PM. A possibly-intoxicated subject was reported behind Blanco General. The subject was arrested, fell in the jail while being booked, and was taken to Hill Country Memorial Hospital.

Oct 13

•Information. 12:30 AM. A complainant requested to speak with an officer about a situation involving a juvenile and an older person who met over the Internet.

•Harassment. 1:08 AM. A caller reported someone pounding on the front door of the residence. An officer was unable to locate anyone in the area.

•Civil Standby. 9:18 AM. A caller requested a civil standby for a child exchange.

•Followup. 8:37 PM.

Oct 14

•Civil Standby. 10:43 AM.

•Reckless Driver. 3:01 PM. US 281, south from the light in Blanco.

•Suspicious Circumstances / Minor Traffic Accident. 5:45 PM. An officer issued a blue form for an accident on private property on Hackberry St.

Oct 15

•Noise Complaint (Loud Music). 12:14 AM. A caller reported loud music from a nearby apartment on Jones Ave. The individual agreed to keep the music off for the night.

•Theft. 11:29 AM. Report taken by Blanco PD.

•Possible Intoxicated Driver. 8:14 PM. RR 1888, heading toward Blanco.

Johnson City Police Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 8 and Oct 15.

Oct 8

•Noise Complaint. 10:33 PM. A caller reported a lot of noise, possibly a party. The responding officer reported that there was no music and no one answered the door.

Oct 9

•Traffic Accident. 12:17 PM. US 281 at Super S.

•Alarm. 6:55 PM.

•Consumption of Alcohol by Minor. 9:18 PM.

Oct 10

•Animal Complaint. 12:10 PM. A dog was loose in the caller's neighborhood. The dog has had complaints filed against it in the past.

•Loose Livestock. 1:38 PM. A horse was seen running around the neighborhood. The owner picked up the horse.

•Alarm. 2:35 PM.

Oct 11

•Juvenile Complaint / Animal Cruelty. 7:27 PM. Two kids were reportedly walking down the street, shooting cats with BB guns.

Oct 12

•Harassment. 11:30 AM. A caller stated that she was being tracked and asked that an officer locate the tracking device.

•Suspicious Circumstances. 7:50 PM. A caller heard yelling at the Johnson City cemetery, then saw a pickup leave.

Oct 13

•Alarm. 2:57 AM. Residential.

•Alarm. 11:03 PM. Burglary alarm.

Oct 14

•Agency Assist. 9:28 AM. EMS required assistance with a landing zone for StarFlight.

•Noise Complaint. 9:47 PM. A caller reported a truck with loud music.

Oct 15

•Suspicious Person / Arrest (Public Intoxication). 1:56 AM. A possibly intoxicated subject was attempting to open a truck's doors. An officer responded and arrested the subject.

•Traffic Hazard. 8:30 AM. A vehicle was halfway on the road on US 281 at the Road Runner RV Park.

•Game Complaint. 11:00 AM. A deer was reportedly caught in a fence on Live Oak Dr. and its legs were hurt. An officer put the deer down.

•Disturbance. 1:53 PM. A subject was told by officers to leave Subway and not to return.

•Road Hazard. 6:07 PM. A toolbox and tools were on US 290 West.

•Minor Traffic Accident on Private Property. 7:13 PM. Best Western.

Blanco County Sheriff's Office Reports - These reports were filed between Oct 8 and Oct 15.

Oct 9

•Abandoned Vehicle. 1:01 PM. A vehicle was blocking a driveway, preventing anyone from getting through. A deputy requested the vehicle be towed.

•Theft. 4:31 PM. A caller reported a sign that had been stolen. The sign was placed on state right-of-way and was removed by TxDOT.

•Suspicious Person. 5:38 PM. A complainant reported a suspicious subject on the property, requesting an officer to remove him. A deputy located the subject on Twin Sisters and gave him a courtesy ride to Dripping Springs.

•Close Patrol / Attempted Theft. 6:06 PM. A caller stated that someone attempted to steal a trampoline but was unsuccessful.

•Abandoned Vehicle. 7:07 PM. A caller reported a vehicle on the property but later called to say it had left.

Oct 10

•Suspicious Circumstances. 2:40 AM. A caller stated that he had gotten a ride from one bar to another, and back to the first, when the subject who gave him the ride pulled a gun on him. The caller refused to give his name. A deputy advised that, if the caller was refusing to give information, that the police could not help him. The dispatcher advised the caller to call back tomorrow when he was sober.

•Smoke Investigation. 4:47 AM. A caller saw a lot of smoke near Lower Albert Rd. A large controlled burn was in progress.

•Loose Livestock. 7:44 AM. Three cows were out.

•Livestock Complaint. 10:14 AM. Two Angus cows were in the caller's neighborhood and he had no idea who they belonged to.

•Information. 12:43 PM. A subject threatened the caller.

•Information. 2:15 PM. A subject made suicide threats.

•Motorist Assist. 3:55 PM. A caller had a blowout on US 281 and requested help (with Texas DPS).

•Identity Theft. 4:00 PM. An offense report was filed and the caller was advised to file a report with the attorney general's office.

•Livestock Complaint. 4:38 PM. Two black cows were out near the intersection of Clear Creek Rd. and Fox Fire Rd.

•Information. 5:32 PM. A caller wanted to report a runaway juvenile. An officer responded that the subject was an adult.

•Animal Complaint. 5:43 PM. A complainant made a report of a dog bite.

•Trespassers. 6:16 PM. A caller reported subjects who were on a neighbor's property, trespassing after breaking the lock and shooting guns. The officer reported that the subjects had permission as it was their property.

•Possible Intoxicated Driver. 8:38 PM. A vehicle was driving all over the road on 473 West (with Blanco PD).

•Suspicious Vehicle. 10:09 PM. A car was parked on private property on CR 212.

Oct 11

•Loose Livestock. 12:20 AM. Three donkeys were seen on 473 West.

•Traffic Accident. 6:19 AM. An accident occurred on US 281, north of Johnson City. One subject was arrested. A wrecker was requested (with Texas DPS).

•Criminal Mischief. 6:20 AM. A caller spoke with a deputy previously about a subject throwing things.

•Abandoned Vehicle. 7:52 AM. US 290 West.

•Attempt to Locate. 9:31 AM. Officers were notified to look for a vehicle driven by a suicidal subject.

•Courtesy Ride. 7:42 PM. A caller's motorcycle wouldn't start and he requested a ride to his residence.

•Disturbance. 8:42 PM. A wrecker driver stated there was a disturbance on his wrecker truck at the fairgrounds. Officers settled the situation at the scene (with Texas DPS).

Oct 12

•Animal Complaint. 9:27 AM. Dogs reportedly killed several sheep. The incident was a civil matter.

•Phone Harassment. 9:55 AM. A caller reported a subject making harassing phone calls. An officer called the subject, who agreed to stop making calls.

•Theft. 10:06 AM. An officer investigated the possible theft of truck parts.

•Animal Complaint. 10:21 AM. A wounded deer was on the side of 473 West.

•Abandoned Vehicle. 12:25 PM. An abandoned vehicle was reportedly sitting for 2 to 3 days on Glencrest.

•Accidental Death. 2:01 PM.

•Harassment. 2:25 PM. A complainant stated that a subject cursed her and hit her car with his fists when she stopped on the side of the highway. An offense report was taken.

•Reckless Driver. 6:06 PM. A vehicle was driving fast and passing vehicles on RR 1888.

•Trespassing. 7:32 PM. An officer found juveniles on private property. The parents were called and came to pick them up.

Oct 13

•Animal Complaint. 10:10 AM. A complainant called to report two large, very aggressive dogs that chased his car and a subject on a bicycle. The complainant was also concerned with a possibly rabid skunk under the shed.

•911 Hangup. 11:40 AM. 911 received a hangup call. Officers responded, found everything to be OK, and checked all the phones to make sure they were working.

•Civil. 12:18 PM. A matter over a fence was referred to the justice of the peace.

•Motorist Assist. 1:55 PM. A motorist on US 281 had a flat tire.

•Phone Harassment. 2:33 PM. A complainant reported phone harassment. An officer gave the suspect a verbal warning.

•Suspicious Vehicle. 7:00 PM. An unoccupied white van was reported on CR 212.

•Suspicious Circumstances. 9:13 PM. A caller heard a big bang that shook her house. An officer was unable to locate the source of the noise.

Oct 14

•Welfare Check. 6:15 PM. A complainant asked that an officer check on an employee who was acting strangely.

•Close Patrol. 7:37 PM. Suspicious vehicles and suspicious persons were seen at Christ of the Hills Monastery.

Oct 15

•Suspicious Circumstances. 7:45 AM. A complainant reportedly saw what looked like flares shot into the air north of Johnson City.

•Suspicious Vehicle. 8:46 AM. Three teenagers were sitting in a car in front of the Old Blanco County Courthouse. An officer took one juvenile to LBJ High School (with Blanco PD).

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 8 and Oct 15.

Oct 10

•Minor Traffic Accident. 12:42 AM. A vehicle hit a deer on RR 2766. There were no injuries but the vehicle was totaled. A state trooper left a blue form with the vehicle.

•Traffic Accident. 10:43 PM. A two-vehicle accident was reported on US 281 by Logan's Way. One vehicle was in the middle of the highway (with Blanco Co. SO).

Oct 11

•Traffic Accident. 7:41 PM. An accident between a vehicle and a motorcycle occurred on US 281, by the county fairgrounds. Blanco County Deputies and Johnson City PD assisted.

•Minor Traffic Accident. 9:43 PM. An officer issued a blue form to a driver who had an accident between US 290 East and Johnson City.

Oct 12

•Arrest on View / DWI. 1:36 AM. One subject was arrested (with Blanco Co. SO).

Oct 15

•Reckless Driver. 8:06 PM. US 290 East, westbound to Johnson City (with Johnson City PD).

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Reports

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