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World War II
65 Years Ago
Wednesday, November 12, 2008 • Posted November 11, 2008

These are thoughts of a yesteryear, over 60 years ago in 1941, when I joined the U.S. Air Corps; now called the U.S. Air Force. I was a dude wrangler in Bandera, Texas when I signed up as an Aviator Cadet and was sent to Tulare, California for my primary training in the PT Steerman open cockpit aircraft. I was with some of the finest young boys that I had ever been associated with. We were in some ways bewildered, but we were ready to complete our training, never giving much thought about the war at that time.

Later, many gave their lives in combat and bombing runs. For some reason, I was selected to be an instructor, which at the time was a mystery to me. As a young pilot, I preferred the fighter aircraft as I didn’t want to be responsible for a crew and kinda wanted to be an Ace. As fate would have it, I fulfilled my duties stateside and lived to write this.

When I was to go overseas later on, I chose pursuit (fighters) over the B-29 bombers and took my ground and aerial gunnery and a little later the war ended and so ended my quest to be an Ace. In all probability, I might have been a casualty. I was in the Graduating Class of 42-D and retained the rank of Major when I separated from the force. No big deal, but I wanted to document a little of the history of young boys called in to service.

Gordon D. Biggs


by Gordon Biggs

Row upon row of white crosses

Sameness, the quietness of the land

Someone’s loved one silently weeps

The youth of all nations were expendable

For the cause; for the aggression

Before this was protocol, hedging

When all along it was truth hidden

Blind faith for our country

Seldom a question of right or wrong

Force against force, citizens suffered

But the ultimate givers were our youth

The patriotic, right is right

In a foreign land in unity

In belief, we see hell on earth

A friend, a buddy vanished

We are left with a memory that slowly fades with time

Is the world in all of its glory programmed

Sometimes we wonder,

Evolution how can it be?

When all hearts beat the same

All bodies bleed for a different country

All reality opens our eyes like a burst of sunlight on a cloudy day

Were differences really settled

Did peace, was peace really given the chance we longed for

As a contestant in a trial we never speak,

It is another voice that defends us

Or exonerates us

Do they, do we have remorse and wish for peace

Shall they see again

Their wives, their children, their loved ones

The old home place, the familiar warmth

The love of God and Jesus, will we stabilize again

Will love and understanding return

And we wonder again as no one

Especially nations ever tried God’s way

Although everyone professes to believe

We put the good on the shelf as an aftermath

The world is at peace again waiting

For the next eruption which is sure to come

as night follows day

Force against force, protocol, deceit

as we parry for position

When the end results always leave row upon row of white crosses

Expendable circumstances with no control of the youth that lie below

Allegiance, duty, and patriotism

Medals, ribbons of no worth

Except showing courage

Bless those who gave their all, as the bugler blows taps

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