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Blanco County Public Records
Public Records
Blanco County, Texas
Wednesday, November 19, 2008 • Posted November 18, 2008 10:00 PM

Blanco Police Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 16 and Oct 29.

Oct 16

•Juvenile Complaint. 4:50 PM. Kids were skateboarding on the sidewalk at Cranberry’s.

Oct 17

• Agency Assist. 5:51 PM. An officer was requested to assist with a CPS case.

• 911 Hangup. 6:14 PM.

• Minor Traffic Accident. 9:30 PM. A caller hit a deer and needed a blue form.

Oct 18

• Assault Victim. 7:12 PM. The call was turned over to Comal County.

Oct 19

• Noise Complaint. 12:30 AM. A caller reported loud music, yelling, and other goings-on at a party at Gem of the Hills. The officer told the subjects, for the second time, to turn it down. They agreed again, the officer reported.

• Agency Assist. 2:00 AM. A caller stated that her friend was feverish and shaking, and requested EMS.

• Agency Assist. 8:22 AM. An officer assisted with a medical emergency call.

• Close Patrol. 1:30 PM.

Oct 20

• Identity Theft. 11:00 AM. A caller reported that someone in Blanco County was using his social security number and that his information was incorrect on his credit report.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 9:13 PM. A suspicious vehicle was reported in Blanco State Park.

Oct 21

• Suspicious Person. 2:24 AM. A caller reported a subject at Blanco General who was acting spaced out. An officer issued a citation to the subject.

• Theft. 1:11 PM. A shoplifter was being detained at Super S.

• Welfare Check. 10:20 PM. A caller was concerned for the safety of children.

Oct 22

• Assault. 7:24 PM. A report was taken after a subject hit another in the head with a rock.

Oct 23

• Littering. 5:00 PM. A complainant reported a subject littering on 473 West and US 281.

Oct 29

• Trespassing. 7:24 PM. Blanco Ice House.

Johnson City Police Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 16 and Oct 29.

Oct 16

• Suspicious Vehicle. 4:00 PM. A subject was driving a 4-wheeler in the Lindig’s Trucking parking lot with big trucks driving through.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 4:05 PM. Civil matter.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 4:10 PM. An SUV was swerving all over US 281 and was leaning severely to one side.

• Suspicious Activity. 7:15 PM. A caller reported items that were stolen.

Oct 17

• Suspicious Person. 6:04 PM. A suspicious person was handing out suspicious paperwork at Speedy Stop. An officer reported that the subject had permission to sell cards.

Oct 18

• Suspicious Circumstances. 6:13 AM. An officer responded to a call at Exxon. A subject was issued a public intoxication citation and released.

• Welfare Check. 10:58 AM. A caller asked that an officer check on the welfare of a juvenile.

• Water Concern. 4:23 PM. A caller reported water running under a fence.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 6:45 PM.

Oct 19

• Alarm. 1:36 PM. Residential (with Blanco Co. SO).

• Child Welfare. 5:12 PM. Officers took a report regarding an injury to a child after a subject drove off very quickly in the Dairy Queen parking lot and the child fell out of the vehicle.

Oct 20

• Smoke Investigation. 1:25 AM. The security company reported a smoke alarm activation at the LBJ Boyhood Home. There was no sign of fire.

• Information. 6:34 PM. A caller reported information about a subject.

• Suspicious Person. 7:14 PM. A caller reported a subject who was hanging around Dollar General (with Texas DPS).

Oct 21

• Reckless Driver. 7:31 PM. An 18-wheeler, traveling in a convoy of 18-wheelers, was swerving on US 290 West (with Texas DPS).

• 911 Hangup. 8:41 PM. A subject was attempting to make a phone call from a hotel (with Blanco Co. SO).

Oct 22

• Suspicious Person. 6:00 PM.

Oct 23

• Open Door. 7:48 AM. An open door was found at a business.

• Animal Complaint. 1:03 PM. A dog’s owner was warned that, if the dog was out again, that they would be cited.

• Alarm. 7:57 PM. LBJ Middle School (with Texas DPS).

Oct 24

• Alarm. 12:40 AM. LBJ Middle School.

• Alarm. 8:30 AM. LBJ National Historic Park.

• Animal Complaint. 2:36 PM. A black lab and a hound dog were loose on US 290 West at Silver K.

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 16 and Oct 29.

Oct 16

• Protective Order Request. 4:40 PM. A caller requested a protective order for a juvenile.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 9:55 PM. A caller stated that one of his political signs was taken.

• Shots Fired. 11:21 PM. A caller heard shots being fired in the area. An officer reported that the shots were fireworks from nearby.

Oct 17

• Abandoned 911 Call. 7:00 AM.

• Recover Stolen Property. 8:00 AM.

• Loose Livestock. 8:35 AM. A caller reported a donkey and two goats on his property and he did not know who they belonged to. The neighbors penned the animals until the owner could be located.

• Information. 12:05 PM. An officer issued a citation to a subject at Blanco High School.

• Animal Complaint. 1:00 PM. A neighbor’s dog reportedly killed the caller’s dog.

• Alarm. 5:46 PM. Residential.

• Animal Complaint. 7:30 PM. A caller reported neighbor’s dogs on his property.

Oct 18

• Stranded Motorist. 10:10 AM. RR 165.

• Reckless Driver. 2:39 PM. US 281 at RR 1623.

• Reckless Driving of ATV. 5:20 PM. A juvenile was reportedly driving an ATV on the roadway. An officer spoke with the subjects.

• Motorist Assist. 8:49 PM. A caller reported three subjects whose car had broken down on the side of US 290 West. The car looked to be in the ditch. The officer reported that the vehicle and occupants were fine.

• Welfare Check. 11:08 PM. A caller stated that a subject on the side of US 290 East may have needed some help.

Oct 19

• Information. 3:40 AM. A caller stated that she heard yelling, arguing, and a vehicle drive off. A person was maybe walking down US 281. Dispatch did not receive any other calls regarding the subject walking.

• Reckless Driver. 7:08 AM. A vehicle heading south on US 281 was having a hard time staying in one lane. The call was transferred to Comal County.

• A vehicle was blocking the roadway on CR 215. The vehicle had a flat and was waiting for the tire service.. 8:50 AM.

• Civil Matter. 9:28 AM. A caller reported a civil matter over child visitation.

• Grass Fire Investigation. 11:11 AM. A caller reported what looked to be an out-of-control grass fire on US 281, south of Johnson City. The fire was controlled.

• Disturbance. 11:20 AM. At Friday’s on US 290 East, a subject pulled out a knife and threatened to slash the caller’s tires.

• Alarm. 1:40 PM. Residential.

• Minor Traffic Accident. 3:39 PM. A caller was side-swiped by an RV on US 290 West (with Texas DPS).

• Dog Complaint. 5:08 PM. A caller reported a pack of dogs that killed one of her animals and badly injured another.

Oct 20

• Criminal Mischief. 7:40 AM. A caller reported that mailboxes were again damaged, and evidence had been left behind.

• Agency Assist. 9:32 AM. An officer was requested to standby while dogs searched the middle and high schools in Johnson City.

• Information. 10:45 AM. A caller reported signs of suspicious activity at her home.

• Reckless Driver. 4:11 PM. A complainant reported a reckless driver in Twin Sisters Estates who was tailgating, driving at a high rate of speed, and throwing rocks with the vehicle’s tires. An officer settled the situation at the scene.

Oct 21

• Deer vs. Vehicle. 5:20 AM. A caller hit a deer on US 290 West, just past Capp’s. The deer was laying in the left lane, still alive. The car was not damaged and the caller was not injured. The officer found no sign of the deer.

• Possible Road Hazard. 1:25 PM. A large boat being shipped up US 281 clipped a power or phone line over the roadway and continued on. PEC was notified.

• Information. 3:07 PM. A caller was told that she was in trouble with The Law.

• Reckless Driver. 6:54 PM. A dirt bike was being ridden around the caller’s neighborhood.

• Agency Assist. 9:21 PM. A Blanco County deputy assisted Gillespie County with a prowler call on US 290 West.

Oct 22

• Unknown. 6:40 AM. A caller reported damage to a mailbox.

• Alarm. 7:20 AM.

• Traffic Control. 3:35 PM. The telephone company requested traffic control while a new line was being installed across US 281 at Blanco Cowboy Church.

• Traffic Accident. 3:36 PM. An accident involving an LCRA bucket truck was reported on Hwy. 71.

• Suspicious Person. 8:56 PM. A person was repeatedly peeking into the caller’s windows (with Blanco PD).

Oct 23

• Disturbance. 9:10 AM. A complainant was attempting to repossess a vehicle and the owner was causing trouble. An officer resolved the problem.

• Suspicious Circumstances. 9:44 AM. A caller requested an officer check a residence because someone was inside it last night.

• Inmate Transfer. 12:45 PM. An inmate was picked up from Comal County.

• Civil Matter. 5:33 PM. A caller reported a civil matter regarding storage units.

• Shots Fired. 10:24 PM. An officer reported shots being fired on CR 206.

Oct 24

• Suspicious Circumstances. 5:25 AM. A caller’s dog was possibly let loose.

• Traffic Accident. 10:50 AM. A two-vehicle accident was reported on US 290 and US 281 at the Y. A wrecker was requested (with Texas DPS).

• Reckless Driver. 11:09 AM. A car was driving through construction cones on US 290 West like an obstacle course.

• Civil Standby. 2:50 PM. A Realtor requested an officer to standby at a residence due to concern about a subject.

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 16 and Oct 29.

Oct 18

• Information. 12:02 AM. A caller reported some information.

Oct 19

• Traffic Accident. 4:46 PM. A vehicle hit a guard rail on US 290 East. EMS was requested (with Blanco Co. SO).

• Road Rage. 8:56 PM. A caller reported a car following closely with bright lights. Officers spoke with both parties (with Blanco Co. SO).

Oct 22

• Traffic Accident / Arrest. 5:14 PM. A caller reported a two-vehicle accident on US 281. One subject was arrested (with Blanco Co. SO).

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 16 and Oct 29.

Oct 21

• Fire Alarm. 12:28 PM. LBJ National Historic Park.

Constable, Precinct 1, Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 16 and Oct 29.

Constable, Precinct 4, Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 16 and Oct 29.

Game Warden

These reports were filed between Oct 16 and Oct 29.

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