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Blanco County Public Records
Public Records
Blanco County, Texas
Wednesday, December 3, 2008 • Posted December 2, 2008 10:00 PM

Public records information is compiled by Charles Willgren from reports filed at the Blanco Police Department, Blanco County Sheriff’s Office, Blanco Volunteer Fire Department, Blanco County Clerk, District Clerk, and Justices of the Peace offices.

Blanco Police Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 30 and Nov 5.

Oct 30

• Harassment. 7:30 AM. A subject was texting the caller’s daughter after the subject was told to stop.

Oct 31

• Juvenile Complaint. 10:23 AM. A juvenile was not at school and could not be located.

• Escort. 1:18 PM. Funeral procession to cemetery.

• Property Damage. 10:01 PM. A house in Calico Meadows was egged. The subjects who egged the house were at Blanco High School, the caller reported.

Nov 1

• Disturbance. 12:18 AM. A caller reported loud music and lots of alcohol in the front yard at the apartments. Officers responded and one subject was arrested (with Blanco Co. SO).

• Theft. 1:35 PM. Subjects reportedly took property from the caller’s house on Elm St. and refused to bring it back. A report was filed.

• Civil. 3:05 PM. A rental property owner stated that renters were not paying their rent and refused to leave the house. The owner wanted an officer there to arrest the renters. The owner was told to contact Justice of the Peace Bob Riley.

Nov 2

• 911 Hangup. 12:51 AM. An officer checked on a caller on Mesquite St. after a 911 hangup.

• Motorist Assist. 1:17 PM. A caller stated that a tire was flat on his trailer. The caller had information about the incident.

• Traffic Accident. 3:09 PM. A vehicle ran off the road on US 281 near Blanco General. The Justice of the Peace was requested and the subject was pronounced dead at 3:55 PM.

• Found Property. 9:40 PM. A caller was cleaning her yard and found a can with a substance inside it. An officer took custody of the substance.

Nov 3

• Agency Assist. 8:03 AM. An officer assisted EMS with gaining entrance to a residence on Elm St.

• Audible Alarm. 8:48 AM. A cleaning crew set off an alarm at Uptown Blanco.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 4:25 PM. A vehicle occupied by juveniles was driving up and down the caller’s street. The vehicle was not located.

• Theft. 5:33 PM. Property was reported stolen.

• Arrest. 11:17 PM. One subject was arrested at the Iron Horse.

Nov 5

• Motorist Assist. 12:43 AM. A motorist, parked in the Express Care parking lot, requested assistance. An officer assisted and the car was back on the road.

• Juvenile Complaint. 1:37 PM. A juvenile at the middle school took off running toward US 281. An officer located the juvenile.

• Suspicious Vehicle. 6:15 PM. A suspicious vehicle was reported in the Super S parking lot. The responding officer notified dispatch that everything was secure.

• Threats over Phone. 9:36 PM. A complainant received phone calls from someone who was threatening to damage his car.

Johnson City Police Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 30 and Nov 5.

Oct 30

• 911 Hangup. 7:56 AM. An officer reported that everything was OK.

• Fraud. 9:57 AM. A report of Internet and bank fraud was forwarded to the FBI.

Oct 31

• Minor Traffic Accident. 3:55 PM. An officer issued a blue form for an accident in the high school parking lot.

• Reckless Driving. 10:14 PM. A truck was reportedly driving in and out of the Casparis Trailer Park—doing donuts, leaving, and coming back. .

Nov 2

• Verbal Disturbance. 1:55 PM. A manager at Hill Country Cupboard requested an officer in reference to a customer causing problems. A subject was arrested on a 4 hour hold.

• Verbal Disturbance. 9:27 PM. Officers responded to a disturbance report on US 281. A male subject involved reportedly headed off toward Johnson City on foot. The female subject was given a field sobriety test and passed. Officers separated the parties (with Blanco Co. SO).

Nov 3

• Suspicious Vehicle. 1:27 AM. A vehicle was seen at Harvest House on Spur 356.

• Hangup. 6:57 AM. An officer checked on a subject after a 911 hangup.

• Animal Complaint. 5:23 PM. A complainant reported two dogs that attempted to attack her daughter. An officer located the dogs’ owner.

• Utility Complaint. 7:44 PM. N. Ave. J.

Nov 4

• Information. 11:28 AM. A caller had information for an officer.

• Animal Complaint. 2:18 PM. An officer attempted to locate a pitbull following a call about the dog.

• Theft. 5:32 PM. A bicycle was reported stolen from the Johnson City library.

• Theft. 5:40 PM. A report was filed regarding the theft of a camera.

• Found Property. 5:52 PM. A complainant found a bundle of syringes by his fence.

Nov 5

• Unauthorized Use. 8:03 AM. A subject reportedly took the complainant’s vehicle and went to another subject’s house. The other subject drove the vehicle and had a wreck. A report was filed for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, as well as a report for its recovery, and the complainant decided to press charges.

• Panic Alarm. 5:34 PM. A subject accidentally set off a panic alarm at a residence. Two officers responded.

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 30 and Nov 5.

Oct 31

• Traffic Accident. 8:23 AM. A truck rear-ended a motorcycle as it was turning into Blanco General.

• Minor Traffic Accident. 8:30 AM. Two vehicles backed into each other at Blanco Elementary School.

• Suspicious Persons. 9:25 AM. Two subjects were seen walking with a gas can.

• Abandoned Vehicle. 12:50 PM. A vehicle had broken down.

• Suspicious Fire. 9:20 PM. A caller reported a fire that deer hunters had built a fire and had left it unattended. An officer reported that the fire was being watched over.

• Attempted Burglary. 10:27 PM. A report was taken after a caller reported a burglary by four to five subjects.

Nov 1

• Livestock Complaint. 11:42 AM. A strange horse was on the caller’s property.

• Civil Standby. 1:23 PM. A caller requested an officer to go with her to pick up personal property before another subject threw it into the yard. The caller was advised to contact Justice of the Peace Bob Riley.

• Damaged Fence/Property. 4:09 PM. A caller reported fence damage on US 281.

• Threats. 9:38 PM. A caller reported a neighbor making threats.

Nov 2

• Harassment. 4:34 PM. A caller reported harassment from a neighbor.

• Loose Livestock. 5:30 PM. A loose longhorn was seen on CR 102.

• Accidental Injury. 5:38 PM. A caller requested an EMS crew at the EMS station to help an individual who shot himself in the leg.

• Animal Complaint. 8:56 PM. A severely injured deer was reported at the stop sign at Old River Crossing. An officer took care of the animal at the scene.

Nov 3

• 911 Hangup. 6:48 AM. An officer checked on a residence after a 911 hangup.

• Traffic Accident. 8:19 AM. A vehicle hit a deer while driving on RR 32. The deer went through the windshield.

• Information. 8:34 AM. A caller reported suspicious circumstances at a residence.

• Animal Complaint. 9:02 AM. A caller reported neighbor’s goats on his property.

• Agency Assist. 11:55 AM. US 281 at Twin Sisters.

• Welfare Concern. 12:14 PM. An officer attempted to locate a subject who was walking between RR 32 and Loop 163.

• Civil Standby. 5:07 PM. A caller requested a civil standby so he could pick up personal property.

• Civil Standby. 6:30 PM.

• Stranded Motorist. 9:31 PM. An officer gave a motorist a courtesy ride.

Nov 4

• Loose Livestock. 7:29 AM. 911 received a report of horses on RR 1888 at the county line. An officer located the horses in Kendall County and penned them.

• Information. 8:03 AM. A rental house owner called with information about possible break-ins reported by renters. The caller was advised that the renters needed to make the report.

• Fire Alarm. 12:02 PM. A fire alarm was reported at a residence. The owner reported that everything was OK.

• Close Patrol. 4:15 PM.

Nov 5

• Traffic Accident. 4:20 AM. An accident involving a single vehicle was reported on RR 32 at Horton Priess Rd. The accident occurred on the county line with Comal County and emergency services from that county responded to the call. One subject was injured in the accident.

• Animal Complaint. 8:22 AM. A fox was seen in the middle of US 281, on the yellow line. The caller stated that the animal was possibly rabid.

• Burglar Alarm. 10:23 AM. An officer responded to a residential burglar alarm. The alarm was caused by an open door that the officer could not access.

• Motorist Assist. 11:36 AM. A caller requested help with changing his tire on US 281.

• Traffic Hazard. 9:10 PM. A dear deer was reported in the middle of RR 2766. An officer cleared the roadway.

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 30 and Nov 5.

Oct 31

• Arrest on View. 3:05 PM. One subject was arrested on US 281.

• Arrest on View. 9:39 PM. One subject was arrested.

Nov 1

• Arrest on View. 12:45 AM. One subject was arrested on US 281 for driving with an invalid license.

Nov 2

• Shots Fired. 1:55 AM. A truck occupied by several subjects reportedly shot at the caller and others. The truck was located at 2:07 AM and stopped. Four subjects were arrested. Johnson City PD and Blanco County deputies assisted with the call.

• Reckless Drivers. 5:26 PM. Two motorcycles were reportedly driving recklessly on US 281, in the Round Mountain area.

Nov 3

• Possible Intoxicated Driver. 5:28 PM. A caller reported a vehicle swerving on US 281 in Blanco. Officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

Nov 5

• Arrest. 8:21 PM. A State Trooper arrested a subject on US 281, near Pop-a-Top Bar.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 30 and Nov 5.

Constable, Precinct 1, Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 30 and Nov 5.

Constable, Precinct 4, Reports

These reports were filed between Oct 30 and Nov 5.

Game Warden

These reports were filed between Oct 30 and Nov 5.

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