The Blanco Elementary School Millionaire Accelerated Readers celebrated their achievement by eating lunch at the Chess Club and watching a book-based movie on Tuesday June 2.

The 29 millionaires each read at least one million words this school year. Six of the fifth grade students read over two million words each. Words read are calculated by the Accelerated
Reading (AR) program based on the length of books the students are tested on. The books varied in length and difficulty level.

"Some students read over 100 books to reach their goal while others read fewer than 20," fifth grade reading teacher Linda Miller said.

As a campus, elementary students read 106,015,942 words this year. Last year the campus did not break the 100 million word mark.

Elementary School Principal Linda Romano, who proposed the Millionaire Readers program, was excited.

"If Mrs. Kirkscey had proposed a campus-wide goal of reading 100 million words this year, we would have probably gone for it but with some apprehension. The fact that the students exceeded that number all on their own – that's over a hundred million words – is nothing short of amazing! Children became life-long readers before our very eyes. It is an incredible accomplishment for the students and their teachers."

Nationwide, more than 9.8 million students read 330 million books in the AR program last year.

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